Note: Compatible with GG1 and GG2, but has to run at near GG2 equivelent feedrates when used in a GG3 due to it's increased power and associated increase in temperatures which are too hot for these ABS jigs. We are working on switching to a Polycarbonate-ABS blend which has proved sufficient in our testing so far in order to run full-speed on the GG3.


Complete jig set custom designed for a Noreen Billet AR-15 lower receiver. The stock jig from DD does not fit these lowers so this set was designed to allow you to mill your Noreen Billet AR-15 lower on your Ghost Gunner 2. Does not include hardware (bolts, nuts, etc.). The stock .dd file also does not work for the Noreen Billet AR-15 since it does not include a way of milling out the rear takedown pocket. GGD has developed a custom .dd file for these lowers. This code can be obtained by ordering a flashdrive with the latest codes and jig files from us here at GGD. Flashdrives can only be mailed to US residents at US mailing addresses.

(GG1/GG2) Noreen Billet AR-15 Jig Set

  • This set comes only with the jigs and does not include the neccesary hardware. The hardware included with the AR-15 jig sets sold by Ghost Gunner is the same as is needed for these jigs. If you do not have the necessary hardware please consider purchasing a set from us in the hardware section.


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