This flashdrive contains all of the codes designed by GGD as well as includes the stock files from Defense Distributed. 

Our current generation of codes are compatible with all 3 Ghost Gunner platforms (GG1 machines are not tested on site, however as we do not have access to one and develope primarily for the GG2 and GG3 due to the much greater volume)

We have "universal" versions and GG3 versions of most of our codes. The universal code is designed to run at speeds all 3 machines can handle, but the GG3-specific file runs a t a much higher speed and thus the GG1 and 2 spindle cannot handle it.

Our newest AR-15 and AR-10 codes also feature probing on both sides of the inside of the magwell to greatly incrrease the chances of an even and centered pocket so long as the manufacturer machined/broached the magwell pocket center in line with the FCG center.


Current GGD code includes:

-Generic AR10

-Generic AR15

-Flared Magwell AR-15
-Daytona Tactical AR-10
-New Frontier Arms C10
-Polymer 80 PF940C
-Upper Receiver Skeletonizing

-A Code Meant to be Used for PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) Lowers that already have the rear takedown pocket milled (This program probes in that location)

-1911 No-Check File

-Buffer Tube Milling File (meant to shave down the top of an AR-10 Buffer tube so that the charging handle can clear on some upper/lower combinations)

-Lower Receiver Skeletonizing Code


We also include all of the .STL’s for our jigs so you can 3D print them if you have a 3D printer.

Due to current ITAR interpretations flashdrives containing cut codes can only be mailed to US residents at US mailing addresses.

All Current GGD Codes



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