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This flashdrive contains all of the codes designed by GGD as well as includes the stock files from Defense Distributed.


Current GGD code includes:


A generic AR-10 All-in-One file

Mil-spec AR-15 All-in-One

Flared Magwell AR-15 All-in-One

New Frontier Arms C9/C45/C4/C5 All-in-One

New Frontier Arms C10 All-in-One

Noreen Billet AR-15 All-in-One

Noreen Billet AR-10 All-in-One

Noreen Forged AR-15 All-in-One

Lower Receiver Skeletonizing Code


We also include all of the .STL’s for our jigs so you can 3D print them if you have a 3D printer.

Due to current ITAR interpretations flashdrives containing cut codes can only be mailed to US residents at US mailing addresses.

All Current GGD Codes